Let's think about our next eyeglasses by imagining their shape, color, imagining them on the face. We don't think about the lenses, so the optician will take care of offering the best for our visual defect. 

But do you know how important the frame material is? Very.

There are titanium glasses, in TR90, in metal acetate, ultem and even in plastic! Which are the best?


Titanium is a very light material and unalterable even to atmospheric agents. It represents the ideal solution for those who present forms of allergy to metals, (nickel type), very robust and comfortable for every face, in various shapes and colors combined for both men and women.


A word. Lightness. Relatively new and innovative, the TR90 is a real union between nylon and carbon fiber. This set of materials gives the glasses lightness but also subtlety. The resistance is very high even if it suffers from temperature changes. The too cold and then the too hot can alter the internal molecules that make up this material which could therefore crack and break. They do not create particular allergies.


Sadly true, plastic is everywhere and many of us wear it. Plastic glasses have the advantage of being inexpensive, an advantage which, however, often keep for themselves the manufacturers who, hiding behind high-end brands, sell plastic frames at exorbitant prices. Plastic is still widely used today; extremely resistant, it is malleable in its manufacturing process but does not resist heat, when you warm up the frame to be able to tighten or enlarge it (procedure that is up to the optician!) you must be careful that it does not melt.


Here we are at the plant material par excellence, cellulose acetate derives from cotton fibers. This natural origin is followed by a chemical process which gives the material extreme elasticity, malleability and resistance. It is not an economic material but it is the material that gives the frame greater resistance. It resists temperature changes with ease, resists impacts, pressures and even water. It does not create particular allergies.


It is not true that metal is the hardest material for glasses, since it is also the one that creates thin frames and that is therefore enough fall asleep above that " taac ", have become folding glasses! 🙂 Apart from everything, metal frames are solid although not malleable, but they can be allergic to nickel sensitive people. It should also be said that the metal is galvanized and painted so there is nothing that prevents lovers of metal frames from showing them off without any worries.


Ultem is a thermoplastic, light and flexible resin capable of resisting any type of deformation and heat. Given its particular resistance and lightness, it is also used in the aeronautical and biomedical sector. The frames made of Ultem are flexible, comfortable, without lenses weighing just 8 grams, and are available in various trendy colors.


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